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Professional car photography by a certified car afficianado!

I think I've been reading Car and Driver magazine since I was about eight years old. And I honestly think that's one of the reasons I became a photographer!

As a kid, I'd look at the ads for the new Avanti, Corvette, Oldsmobile, etc. and rip out the pages of the ads I liked and keep them in a scrapbook. But I wasn't really attracted to all the mechanical stuff, it was the beauty of the car and the photography. I still remember an ad saying 'The Studebaker Avanti has flair, like a red Italian dinner jacket.' I thought that was pretty cool.

Even now, even though I can talk to you about an LS7 engine or how much horsepower in the latest Mustang GT, I couldn't tell you how to change a spark plug. Oil and tires I can handle, but beyond that I haven't a clue.

So in my portrait career I haven't had much opportunity to photograph cars, or never gave it a thought. But since I want my car photography to be world class like my portrait work, I went to study with two of the best car photographers in the world, one in the US, the other from England. 

You've worked hard for that car, you've probably spent many hours working on it, and it looks and runs great. Don't you deserve an artistic photo that you can proudly display on your wall?

Contact us today to see how we can create a stunning portrait of your car (or motorcycle, or truck!) 

You deserve it.

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